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Track Record of Delivering

Mongoose Mining

Completed IPO of mining company on the CSE exchange and then merged with larger mining company in Nova Scotia (Nov 11, 2021)

Predator Oil

CFO of business that acquired cash flowing assets with debt before sale in three small dispositions (Oct 15, 2012)

Hoist Capital

Created a CPC public shell on TSX and identified a Qualifying Transaction target with a hemp cigarette company (July 17, 2022)

Predator Midstream

CFO of a start-up that built three loading facilities and then sold to a public company (Aug 15, 2014)

Blockchain Capital

Created public shell and identified target for a Qualifying Transaction with cash flowing petroleum company (April 4, 2018)

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Why use a Capital Pooling Company to go Public

Being a publicly listed company can be expensive when considering upfront listing costs, audits, and legal fees. The National Instruments securities rules, TSX exchange guidelines (see TSX CPC Program details), and IFRS accounting principals are complex and even overlap at times. Therefore, the key to managing expenses and deal risk in raising the public capital is to find good people to guide you through the process to avoid potential pitfalls.

CPCs are specific vehicles to get private companies listed on the TSXV Exchange by splitting the IPO process into these two steps:


Public listing of CPC shell (with Experienced management team and only cash).


Qualifying transaction (QT) where an operating business is merged with the CPC with a filling statement.

About Us

Trust Experienced Advisors to Get Your Company Publicly Trading Quickly

Since 2003, CPC Equities has been managing all the public company reporting tasks for clients to allow entrepreneurs to focus on growing their business. We are a team of 10 educated professionals (CPA, MBA, CFA) who have over 240 years of combined industry experience (including tech, manufacturing, and real estate).

Our team has set up several Capital Pooling Companies (CPCs) on our own so we understand the process intimately. The initial costs can grow exponentially, especially when engaging the securities lawyers. Our mandate is to keep transaction costs low by planning and keeping communication fluid between the executives and advisors in order to have a direct path to listing the company. This is critical since the share valuations in public markets can shift quickly.


Commonly Asked Questions

The size of company depends more on the industry and growth potential to drive market interest. Established businesses that have historical revenue and generate cash flow tend to justify higher valuations. However, that is not meant to discourage smaller companies from seeking our assistance and guidance. To understand the TSXV listing requirements for respective industries, we recommend potential clients to see the tables starting on page 32 of the Listing Guide in the link.


Typically, registered dealers are only allowed to charge commissions based on Canadian securities regulations. CPC Equities is made up professionals that come from Big 4 advisory and banking firms. Therefore, we charge a monthly fee with the goal of having a clear road map to get the audit and filing requirements lined up to quickly close the QT. In certain instances, we will consider accepting a smaller monthly fee and a success fee to align our goals with all stakeholders.
Our team has experience with larger companies on the TSX big board, CSE, and the OTC in the US. Since some investment firms and brokerages prefer certain exchanges, we recommend clients to let the capital source drive the decision of choosing an exchange listing since we are comfortable with most platforms.


Client References

“Major Strength Is the Ability to Communicate when Interacting with the Lawyers, Auditors and Bankers.”

  • Steve A, CFO – Public Petroleum Company with Trinidad Operations

“Strong understanding of complex legal structures such as mutual fund trusts, limited partnerships, and corporations, specifically differing IFRS and tax treatments.”

  • Adam H, President – Private Equity firm

“Understood our operations and identified gaps in our marketing pitch. This helped when we were in presentations as most investors had similar questions.”

  • Franco H, CEO – International Solar Generation Company

“Impressed with Ability to Assist our Board with the Strategic Planning Process.”

  • Rick Q, Director - International Engineering Firm with Operations in North America and Latin America

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