Commonly Asked Questions

The size of company depends more on the industry and growth potential to drive market interest. Established businesses that have historical revenue (over $1M) and generate cash flow tend to justify higher valuations. However, that is not meant to discourage smaller companies from seeking our assistance. To understand the TSXV listing requirements for respective industries, we recommend clients see the tables starting on page 32 of the Listing Guide in this link.


Typically, registered dealers are only allowed to charge commissions based on Canadian securities regulations. CPC Equities is made up professionals that come from Big 4 advisory and banking firms. Therefore, we charge a monthly fee with the goal of having a clear road map to get the audit and filing requirements lined up to close quickly. In certain instances, we will consider accepting a smaller monthly fee and a success fee to align our goals with all stakeholders.
Our team has experience with larger companies on the TSX big board, CSE, and the OTC in the US. Since some investment firms and brokerages prefer certain exchanges, we recommend clients to let the capital source drive the decision of choosing an exchange listing as CPC Equities is comfortable with most platforms, including crowd-funding.
An experienced CFO can add 10x the value of the cost. With COVID, smart business are realizing the automation and using new technology (ERPs) can get their financial results quicker with less errors. Some examples are invoice automation, AP approval work flow, and electronic payment banking platforms.
Accounting can sometimes distract the owner from the daily operations of the business. Some organization can not afford to ignore their financial health and need to rely on a a trained expert to assist them in planning and analyzing all financial activities in this competitive environment.
Not all businesses have their own CFO. CPC Equities allows businesses access to a professional expertise in their growing phase whether it is full time, part time, or consultant. Our goal is to enable companies to scale up with a hands-on CFO at a very competitive rate. This gives clients the flexibility to have a qualified individual to manage their back office activities (such as cash management, AR collections, AP vendor payments and payroll). The focus of CPC Equities is to forecast how to increase the share valuation and the business relationships desired to succeed.
Accounting firms have technical IFRS and tax experience which requires them to charge high rates (over $300 per hour). CPC Equities is committed to a client-focused service to deal with daily operational issues, such as loading bank data into the ERP to create accurate forecasts on a timely basis.
Perhaps the question should be “do you want to remain small?” Our purpose in starting CPC Equities was to help small companies grow and thus keep a maximum of 4 clients per CFO to ensure all financial aspects of the business are addressed. Our clients are like family where provide access to our network of business professionals and financial brokers to drive growth.
If you are happy with your current situation, I would recommend not changing it. However, if you are considering seeking bank financing or possibly selling your business in next few years, we can get deal ready which results in a higher valuation for your business since CPC Equities knows what questions investors will have.